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Dimitrios Panagos

Dimitrios Panagos

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Liaison
Department of Political Science, Science Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1B 3X9 Canada
Phone: (709) 864-8175
Email: dpanagos[at]mun[dot]ca (or search here)

BA, MA (University of Waterloo), PhD (Queen’s University)

Areas for Student Research Supervision
Contemporary political philosophy
Aboriginal politics
Identity politics
Resource management and governance

Examples of Recent Courses Taught
2100 Introduction to Political Theory; 3100 Political Theory from Plato to Rousseau; 3110 Political Theory-From Tocqueville to Present;  4100 Approaches to Political Theory; 6100 Political Philosophy

Professor Panagos is a specialist in the study of contemporary political philosophy and Aboriginal rights, with research contributions combining both normative and empirical concerns. He has published work on aboriginality, Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal voting behaviour and resource governance. He is currently working on a monograph on settler states, Aboriginal peoples and the problem of political obligation. He is also engaged in a number of collaborative research projects focused on, first, First nations and the governance of mineral resources in Canada, and, second, the participation of Aboriginal peoples in elections in Canada and the United States.


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Panagos, Dimitrios. 2007. “The Plurality of Meanings Shouldered by the term “Aboriginality”: An Analysis of the Delgamuukw Case.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 40:3: 591-613.

Harell, Allison, Dimitrios Panagos and J. Scott Matthews. 2011. “Explaining Aboriginal Turnout in Federal Elections: Evidence from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.” Aboriginal Policy Research: Voting, Governance, and Research Methodology, edited by Jerry P. White, Julie Peters, Dan Beavon and Peter Dinsdale. Volume 10. Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing Inc.