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Ivan Savic

Grenfell Campus Faculty Member

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Political Science

Office: 392
Phone: (709) 637-6200 ext 6227

B.Com. (University of Toronto), M.A.(Columbia University), Ph.D. (ABD – Columbia University)

Areas for Student Research Supervision (at Grenfell campus)

  • International political economy
  • Global governance and international organizations
  • International dimensions of environmental issues

Examples of Recent Courses Taught (at Grenfell campus)
1000 Introduction to Political Science; 1020 Issues in World Politics; 2200 Introduction to International Politics; 2300 Introduction to Comparative Politics; 2800 Introduction to Canadian Politics

Bio/Research Interests
Professor Savic's research and teaching interests lie in the areas of international political economy and global governance. The primary focus of his research is the political economy of the international financial system, the interplay of economic and security issues, and environmental diplomacy (especially the role played by the G8 and G20). In the area of international finance, his work focuses on the dynamics of crisis response, especially the politics of global financial governance. With respect to the relationship of economic and security issues, his work has focused on the nature of economic interdependence under the current process of globalization and the impact this has had on both inter-state and intra-state conflict.

Select Papers & Publications
Savic, Ivan (2010) "Financial Crisis, the International Monetary Fund and the G8." in J. Kirton eds. Making Global Economic Governance Effective (Ashgate): 63-88.

Savic, Ivan & Zachery Shirkey (2009) "Trust in the Balance: Asymmetric Information, Commitment Problems and External Balancing Behavior." Journal of Theoretical Politics 21(4): 483–507.

Griffiths, Ryan & Ivan Savic (2009) "Globalization, Development and Separatism: The Influence of External and Internal Economic Factors." Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 8(2-3): 429-54.