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Andreas Klinke

Andreas KlinkeAssociate Professor
Grenfell Campus
(709) 637-6200, ext. 6197

M.A. (Stuttgart), PhD (Technical University of Darmstadt)

Teaching Fields (at Grenfell campus)
Environmental Policy, International Politics, Risk Research

Research Interests
International environmental politics, global governance, risk governance, discourse, deliberation, participation

Areas for Student Supervision (at Grenfell campus)
International and global environmental politics; discourse, deliberation and participation; transformation of environmental governance; non-state actor involvement in environmental policy; freshwater resources, biodiversity, climate change, chemical pollution, energy

Dr. Andreas Klinke is Associate Professor in Environmental Policy at the Environmental Policy Institute at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus, since September 2011. He was previously the head of a social science research group on governance at the Aquatic Research Institute of the ETH-domain in Switzerland from 2006 to 2011 and lecturer for risk management at King's College in London 2004-2006. Prior to this he was a research associate at the Center of Technology Assessment in Stuttgart, Germany, and at the German Scientific Advisory Council on Global Change. Andreas Klinke has a master degree in political science and sociology from the University of Stuttgart. He received his doctoral degree in political science at the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. His doctoral thesis analyzes the public deliberation and participation on the Great Lakes regime between Canada and the USA, which has been published as a monograph under the title "Demokratisches Regieren jenseits des Staates. Deliberative Politik im nordamerikanischen Große Seen-Regime" in 2006.

Selected Publications
Democratizing Regional Environmental Governance: Public Deliberation and Participation in Transboundary Eco-Regions. Global Environmental Politics (forthcoming)

Toward Legitimate Water Governance? The Partially Privatized Berlin Waterworks. Public Management Review (forthcoming) (with E. Lieberherr, M. Finger)

Adaptive and Integrative Governance on Risk and Uncertainty. Journal of Risk Research, 2012 (with O. Renn)

Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Inclusive Risk Governance. In Measham, T.G. and Lockie, S. (eds.) 2012: Risk and Social Theory in Environmental Management. Collingwood: CSRIO Publishing, 59-76 (with O. Renn)

Risk Governance: Coping with Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity - A Synopsis. AMBIO - Journal of Human Environment, 2011, 40 (2): 231-246 (with O. Renn, M. van Asselt)

Risk Governance: Contemporary and Future Challenges. In Eriksson, J.; Gilek, M.; and Ruden, C. (eds.) 2010: Regulating Chemical Risk: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on European and Global Challenges. Cambridge University Press, 9-27 (with Ortwin Renn)

Deliberative Politik in transnationalen Räumen - demokratische Legitimation und Effektivität der grenzüberschreitenden Wasser- und Umweltpolitik zwischen Kanada und USA. Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 2009, 50 (4): 774-803

Deliberative Transnationalism - Transnational Governance, Public Participation and Expert Deliberation. Forest Policy and Economics 2009, 11: 348-356

Risiko: Über den gesellschaftlichen Umgang mit Unsicherheit, 2007, Munich: Ökom Publisher (with O. Renn, P-J. Schweizer, M. Dreyer)

Demokratisches Regieren jenseits des Staates. Deliberative Politik im nordamerikanischen Große Seen-Regime, 2006, Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publisher

Precautionary Risk Regulation in European Governance. Journal of Risk Research, 2006, 9 (4): 373-392 (with M. Dreyer, O. Renn, A. Stirling, P. van Zwanenberg)

A New Approach to Risk Evaluation and Management: Risk-Based, Precaution-Based and Discourse-Based Strategies. Risk Analysis, 2002, 22 (6): 1071-1094 (with O. Renn)

Precautionary Principle and Discursive Strategies: Classifying and Managing Risks. Journal of Risk Research, 2001, 4 (2): 159-173 (with O. Renn)

Public Participation Across Borders. In Linneroth-Bayer, J.; Löfstedt, R.; and Sjöstedt, G. (eds.) 2001: Transboundary Risk Management. London: Earthscan, 245-278 (with O. Renn)