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Kelly Blidook

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science, Science Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL A1B 3X9 Canada
Phone: (709) 864-8184
Email: kblidook[at]mun[dot]ca (or search here)

BA (Trinity Western), MA (Simon Fraser), PhD (McGill)

Areas for Student Research Supervision
• Political and legislative behaviour
• Political institutions
• Political representation
• Public opinion

Examples of Recent Courses Taught
1000 Intro to Politics and Government; 3010 Empirical Methods; 6010 Political Science Methods

Select Papers & Publications

Constituency Influence in Parliament: Countering the Centre. (2012). UBC Press.

Selected Articles, Reports, Chapters:
“Party Policy Positions in Newfoundland and Labrador: Expert Survey Results in the Buildup to the 2011 Provincial Election.” With Matthew Kerby. (2014) American Review of Canadian Studies, 44 (4): 400-414. 

“Democratic Responsiveness in the House of Commons.” Chapter in Canadian Democracy from the Ground Up. Elisabeth Gidengil and Heather Bastedo, eds. UBC Press (2014). 

“The Effects of Constantly Campaigning upon the Canadian Parliament.” With Matthew Byrne. Chapter in Change and Continuity in Canadian Political Parties and Elections. Amanda Bittner and Royce Koop, eds. UBC Press (2013). 

“The changing use of Standing Order 31 statements.” (2013) Canadian Parliamentary Review, 36 (4): 25-29. 

“Lost in Translation or Just Lost: Canadian’s Priorities and the House of Commons”. (2013) Report by Samara Canada (multiple authors). Research roles: Data analysis and co-author. 

“It’s Not You, It’s Me: Determinants of Voluntary Legislative Turnover in Canada.” With Matthew Kerby. (2011) Legislative Studies Quarterly, 36 (4): 621–643. 

“Exploring the role of ‘legislators’ in Canada: Do Members of Parliament influence policy?” (2010) Journal of Legislative Studies, 16 (1): 32-56. 

“Constituency Influence in Parliament”. Co-authored with Stuart Soroka and Erin Penner. (2009) Canadian Journal of Political Science, 42 (3): 563-591. 

“Media, Public Opinion and Healthcare in Canada: How the media affect ‘the way things are’”. (2008) Canadian Journal of Political Science, 41 (2): 355-374. 


National Post “If they kill the Reform Act … kill the Senate”, May 14, 2015

National Post “Our Senate is poised to undo a bill prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity”, February 25, 2015

Ottawa Citizen “Chong's bill strives for balance”, December 09, 2013 

St. John’s Telegram “More seats needed in the House, not fewer”, January 17, 2015

Selected media appearances:
CBC NL, January 26, 2015 

St. John’s Telegram, January 9, 2015 

St. John’s Telegram, November 27, 2014 

CBC The Current May 19, 2014 (featured section begins at 8:51) 

CBC NL On Point, May 26, 2013 

CTV News, May 12, 2013