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Information for Employers

Overview (Graduate Internship)

Would you like to have a Masters-level university student work on a project that otherwise might not get completed? Need additional research and analysis skills? Interested in identifying potential employees? The Department of Political Science coordinates internship programs for graduate students who work with a governmental or non-governmental organization. It's a great chance for students to try out an employment field, to cultivate industry contacts, and to further develop their skill sets.

Benefits to Employers / Supervisors

  • Access to junior professional-level workers who generally work with little supervision.
  • Achieve progress on one or more projects, such as research and analysis work.
  • Contribute to a dynamic workplace culture.
  • Opportunity to contribute to a young person's knowledge and influence his/her career path.

Graduate Student Placements

Graduate students normally select their placement from a list of approved hosts in January. During the spring semester, May to August (four months), these students undertake a full-time, 12-week internship that is normally paid. During this time students produce a major paper that applies Political Science concepts and methods to a related issue.

Graduate PlacementsDates
1. Employer expresses interest By late December
2. Employer interviews student(s) January or February
3. Placement starts Early May
4. Placement ends and grade submitted Late August

Interested in Setting up a Placement?

Here's What to Do. Contact the Department of Political Science (864-8179) to speak with the Graduate Internship Coordinator. We'll need a brief description of your research project and the location (e.g., building) where the work is to be performed. We'll also need to know when you will be ready for students to begin work (the schedules provided above offer a guide for the intake of students). We look forward to hearing from you!