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Concept Approval

Step 1. Any member of the University community who would like to suggest that an existing policy be revised, or that a new policy be created, completes the Proposal for a New or Revised Policy Template, stating the name of the policy, listing existing related policies, providing a rationale for the proposal and identifying considerations for consultation.

Step 2. That person, the proposer, obtains the approval of his/her Dean or Director (or equivalent).

Step 3. Once approved, the Dean or Director submits the Proposal for a New or Revised Policy to the appropriate Vice-President (or President), requesting his/her support and that he or she subsequently submit the proposal to the Vice-Presidents' Council. To ensure continuity in the process, the Proposal for a New or Revised Policy may be accompanied by a cover letter.

Step 4. Vice-Presidents' Council reviews the proposal and determines whether policy development will proceed. If so, it will assign a Sponsor in the case of a new policy, and may provide advice on how to proceed.

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