1.Decisions regarding Academic Accommodations must be dealt with expeditiously because they may affect a student's progress in an ongoing course or program.

The references to time in this Procedure and in the other Procedures that are appended to the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy are included to emphasize the importance of a speedy resolution. Compliance with these time limits is expected except in exceptional circumstances.

2. Academic Accommodations must be dealt with on an individual basis (i.e., students who have the same Disability do not necessarily require the same accommodation).

(i) New students are encouraged to self-identify on the appropriate University application for admission/re-admission form. They should contact the appropriate campus co-ordinating centre at least six weeks before registration to discuss their specific needs.

(ii) Returning students who will be requesting an accommodation must contact the appropriate campus co-ordinating centre at the beginning of each semester or session.

(iii) Students who become disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and students with a Disability whose health status changes significantly during their time at the University should contact the appropriate campus co-ordinating centre as soon as possible to discuss their specific needs.

(iv) Students should provide at least six months' advance notice in order for the University to assess the accommodation request if Reasonable Accommodation requires the acquisition of special or additional resources not regularly available within the University (e.g., significant structural changes to existing premises).

(v) Due to the limited availability of interpreting services in the Province, students who are deaf or hard of hearing and who are requesting an oral or sign language interpreter are required to either self-identify at the time of application to the University or to provide a minimum two-month notice indicating the need for an interpreter, whichever is greater.

3. The appropriate campus co-ordinating centre will contact the student's Instructors at his/her request and recommend reasonable Academic Accommodations relevant to his/her Disability.

4. Following contact with the appropriate campus co-ordinating centre, students must discuss their accommodation needs with their Instructors, in light of the nature and requirements of the particular course.

This should be done as early as possible but at least a month before a final exam and two weeks before an in-class assignment or a test to ensure that Reasonable Accommodations can be made.

Although exceptions based on individual circumstances will be considered, accommodation cannot be guaranteed for the current semester, session, or course if students do not identify themselves in accordance with the time limits outlined in this policy.

5. An Instructor may accept the recommendation of the appropriate campus co-ordinating centre without further discussion, in which case the accommodation should be implemented as soon as possible.


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