a. Upon return, the traveller shall prepare and sign his or her claim. One claim is to be prepared for each trip.

b. When completing a Travel Claim Form A and Form B, all expenses should be adequately identified on a daily basis.

c. Vouchers submitted should be originals and numbered consecutively in the order charged on the claim.

d. The claimant must sign the travel claim form in the appropriate area. This cannot be delegated.

e. A departmental employee (e.g. Administrative Staff Specialist, etc.) shall verify that the amounts claimed comply with the University's travel policy, and will attach one copy of the completed Travel Request for a grantee or for requests reporting up to the level of Dean.

f. For travel requests for positions reporting to a Vice-President or President, the Dean or Vice-President shall forward their travel claim to the next level of authority for processing.

g. The Travel Claim should be submitted to the Department of Financial and Administrative Services within 10 working days of trip completion. No further advances can be issued until this is done.

h. A Financial and Administrative Services employee shall audit all claims for accuracy.

Claims for less than $75.00 (including taxes) will be reimbursed through petty cash. Persons with such claims should personally present them to the Department of Financial and Administrative Services for payment after receiving appropriate approvals.

The University will not settle hotel or travel agency billings.


Policies using this procedure: