Approval Date: 2013-06-06

Effective Date: 2013-06-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

Procedure for Shredding and Disposal of Confidential Materials - St. John's Campus

The University, through the Department of Facilities Management, contracts a service provider for the shredding and disposal of confidential materials, on site and off site, for the St. John's Campus. Materials include: records, video, diskettes, compact discs, hard drives

Units with their own shredding equipment, capable of achieving a maximum cut size of 15-16 mm. in width, should use that equipment for small amounts of shredding. The central service should be used for larger quantities or for multimedia that cannot be shred with the unit's equipment.

The preferred method for the central service of shredding and disposal is off site.

The on-site method should only be requested if you wish to observe the shredding process; otherwise, the off-site method should be used. The cost per box may differ for on-site and off-site shredding.  Units must contact the Procurement Officer before requesting any on-site shredding as the operation and/or noise levels of the shredding equipment may affect personnel working in various locations.

Units requesting shredding must:

  1. Complete the Facilities Management "Service/Material Authorization" form.
  2. Contact the service provider directly and arrange with them to collect the materials to be shredded. The current service provider is Shred Guard Inc.: Phone: 753-0005.
  3. Provide the service provider with the building location, room number and contact person/phone number along with the RR number from the Facilities Management "Service/Material Authorization" form. The service provider will confirm an appointment.
  4. Forward the completed "Service/Material Authorization" form to the attention of:

    Bernard Doyle
    Procurement Officer
    Facilities Management
    Room FM-2015

Policies using this procedure: