Procedure for Lowering of Flags

Approval Date:

Effective Date: 1999-05-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

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1. Department or Division Heads notify the Division of Marketing and Communications as soon as word of death of a current member of the faculty, staff, or student body has been received, giving all the information available, so that appropriate action may be taken.

2. The Division of Marketing and Communications or the President's Office instructs Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) to lower the flags to half-mast. Flag duties will be performed by designated members of the CEP staff under the general direction of the Manager of CEP.

3. The principal flag sites of the University which may carry national, provincial, and University flags only, are:

at the St. John's campus, front of the Arts & Administration Building, Elizabeth Avenue;

at the Grenfell Campus, Main Entrance; and

at the Marine Institute, Main Entrance, Ridge Road

4. The Division of Marketing and Communications approves the flying of flags of charitable organizations at sites other than above.

5. Flags will be flown at half-mast, on the day of burial, as a mark of respect, upon the death of:

i. serving members of faculty, staff and Board of Regents.

ii. full-time students.

iii. honorary graduates.

iv. pensioners of Memorial University.

v. on such other occasions as instructed by the President or the Executive Director of the Division of Marketing and Communications

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