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 a.    It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director or Principal to satisfy the Department of Financial and Administrative Services that the correct procedures and guidelines are being observed and that strict economy is exercised. This responsibility may be delegated to Heads of Department.
b.    It is essential that information is obtained about the number of legal dependents (spouse and children) the Post Doctoral Fellow has or expects to have by the time of the proposed appointment and whether they intend to bring such dependents with them if they are appointed.
c.    This information is required prior to the issue of a contract of employment. The contract will then state the extent of any liability in respect to relocation expenses.
d.    Department Heads must ensure that prospective candidates are aware of the appropriate University policy and procedures in respect to relocation expenses.
e.    Department Heads must advise prospective candidates that they will not receive a grant to assist with removal of household goods.
f.    An application to cover costs not provided in these guidelines must be made to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) for consideration.


Policies using this procedure: