1. Board of Regents approval will include confirmation of the approved budget and construction schedule for each approved project. Prior to the actual initiation of the project, administrative issues such as funding sources, initial cash flow projections, and accounting standards will be confirmed between the Department of Facilities Management and Financial & Administrative Services.
  2. A Project Management Team will be established within Facilities Management. Representation outside of Facilities Management will be appointed as necessary, normally as a result of the specialized nature of a specific project. A Project Manager will be appointed within this group with signing authority for the project and responsibility to ensure that design development proceeds on the basis of the terms of reference provided through the Board of Regents' approval process.
  3. The project sponsor will establish a Client and Programming Group in conjunction with Facilities Management. This group will include representatives of major facility occupants and will be assigned signing authority rights as they relate to program development and identification of functional requirements.
  4. A consulting team will be appointed by Facilities Management based on the requirements of the project and in accordance with established procedures governing the engagement of architectural and engineering consultants.

Policies using this procedure: