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Effective Date: 2006-03-02

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Safety Procedures

There are a number of of safety, environment, health, fire and emergency procedures available through the Department of Health and Safety.  These are listed below and linked to the Health and Safety site.


Occupational Health and Safety

Accident/Incident Investigation and Reporting

Health and Safety Committees

Documentation and Data Control

Leadership and Organization (in development)

Field Safety (in development)

Planning and Implementation (in development)

Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Hazards

Safety Orientation

Tool Box Talks

Training, Awareness, and Competence


Asbestos Management Plan

Confined Space Management

Contractor Safety Management

Electrical Safety and Power Line Hazards

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Eye and Face Protection

Fall Protection

Fleet Safety

Hand Protection

Head Protection

Laboratory Safety

Lockout / Tagout

Working Alone

Workplace Haazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)

Hot Work

Working on Building Fire Alarm Systems

Avoiding Accident Contact with Electrical Utilities, Above and Below Ground, While Excavating on University Property

Trench Excavating on University Property

Working with Materials and Products wth may Emit dusts

Radioisotope Purchasing

Sharps Disposal


Environmental Protection (in development)

Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS's) (Refrigerants, Air, etc)

Lead Based Paints, Lead Solder, Heavy Metals


CPR and First Aid


Fire and Emergency Evacuation

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