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1. When a dean/director, on behalf of a faculty member, makes a request for an extraordinary salary increase, the Vice-President (Academic) will arrange for a Salary Review Panel to convene. This Panel will be composed of three members from the group of deans and directors. An effort will be made to ensure that the three are drawn from a variety of sectors.

2. A dean or director who has a faculty member whose case is to be considered by the Panel will not sit on the panel for that meeting.

3. The Panel will be convened and chaired by the Director of Faculty Relations who will provide any analysis deemed relevant by the Panel.

4. The dean/director of the faculty member whose application is being considered will present the case to the Panel. The case will include an analysis showing the current salary and what the salary would be predicted to be from the factors listed in the collective agreement (where applicable).

5. The Panel will consider the following factors in making a recommendation to the Vice-President (Academic):

(i) the academic excellence of the applicant;

(ii) the size of any existing market differential, if any;

(iii) the importance of the applicant to the programs and activities of the faculty/school;

(iv) the anticipated difficulty of recruiting a replacement should the applicant leave Memorial.

6. Having received the written advice of the Panel, the Vice-President (Academic) will make his or her recommendation to the President.

7. Ordinarily, successful applications will result in a salary increase effective the date of the application.

8. Any increase in salary resulting from this policy will be considered to be market differential.


Policies using this procedure: