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Informed discussions involving, at least, the Department Head(s), Dean(s), Director(s), the Vice-President (Research) and the Vice-President (Academic) should take place prior to proceeding with the following steps. There should be reasonable satisfaction among this group that the proposed development builds upon an area of existing or potential academic strength that should be formally recognized by the University.

a. A preliminary proposal, describing:

  • The scholarly programmes involved and how these will satisfy a demonstrated need for teaching or research which is consistent with the faculties or schools involved.
  • The rationale or mission to be served by the Institute or Centre.
  • How that mission is broadly consistent with the academic priorities of the University.
  • The availability of faculty and their commitment to the proposal.
  • Any expectations for hiring and their potential effects upon departments or schools involved, and the existing resources and planned future developments.

b. This proposal shall be approved in principle by the appropriate academic unit(s) and submitted by the Dean(s) or Director(s) to the PBC for similar approval. Recommendation for approval in principle by the PBC shall be reported to the Senate and the Board of Regents for information.

c. Once approval in principle has been granted, the appropriate Vice- President(s) shall ensure that a steering committee is established to prepare a plan for the Institute or Centre, to be submitted for final consideration to the Senate Planning and Budgeting Committee. Membership of the steering committee shall consist of the Dean or Director (or delegate), the Department Head(s), and one faculty member associated with the proposed institute or centre. The plan shall address not only the academic issues involved, but also the resources required (and sources thereof), both present and projected, to establish the organization together with possible sources of internal and external funding.

d. The PBC shall consider whether the final proposal remains broadly consistent with the academic priorities of the University and whether the resource requirements and sources have been properly estimated and described. In some instances, the PBC may initiate an external review or assessment of the proposal.  It shall then decide on whether to recommend approval of the proposal to the Senate and the Board of Regents.

e. Until the Senate and Board have given approval, no firm commitment shall be made to any external agency or group that may be interested in supporting or cooperating with the proposed Institute or Centre.



Policies using this procedure: