1. The academic administrator seeking leave will prepare a request, in writing, using the Administrative Leave form and including:

a. The period of the proposed leave including commencement date and end date;

b. The plan of activities during the leave including activities for preparing to resume a full teaching load and research or professional activity.

2. The applicant will send the application form to the head of the academic unit to which he or she will return.

3. The head of the applicant's home academic unit will forward the application to the academic administrator to whom he or she reports along with a letter stating the congruence between the applicant's plan and the needs of the academic unit.

4. The request should be submitted as early as practicable before the anticipated commencement of the leave so that sufficient time is available for consideration of the request by the Board of Regents.

5. The plan must be acceptable to the University in order for the leave to be granted.



Policies using this procedure: