Procedure for Publications

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Effective Date: 1995-03-01

Responsible Unit: Division of Marketing and Communications

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a. Requisitions - An approved Marketing and Communications requisition (Image Services forms) must accompany each project request before creative concept, design, photography and production can begin. For printed publications, an approved Printing Services Requisition must also accompany the project request. Upon completion of a print job, Printing Services will forward to Image Services a copy of the completed printing requisition, which includes their final costs.

b. Style Requirements - All promotional and informational text submitted to Publication Services will be edited to conform to the Canadian Press Stylebook.

c. Specifications - All promotional, informational and bound instructional materials will be produced in the most cost-efficient and effective format. Publication Services will consult with Printing Services for specifications and costs.

d. Cost Estimates - Image Services will provide photographic, creative design, and prepress estimates for projects valued at approximately $500 or higher. Image Services will also acquire printing and production costs on behalf of clients.

e. Proofreading - Image Services will proofread; however, the client bears the final responsibility for proofreading.

f. Author's Alterations - Additions and deletions made in the final production stages, especially after sign-off, will increase costs and extend production time.

g. Final Proofs - Printing Services will provide a final digital proof which must be approved by two representatives at Image Services and the client.

h. Service Fees - Image Services charges fees for all its production and client services on a cost-recovery basis for both labour and materials. More details are available from Image Services. Publication Services charges fees for all its services. More details are available from Publication Services.

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