Leave Without Pay

Approval Date: 2000-09-14

Effective Date: 2013-11-05

Review Date: 2021-05-01

Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Human Resources

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To ensure consistency and fairness in the review of all Leave Without Pay requests and to outline the criteria and procedures to be utilized in the application of the policy.


All non-academic barganing and non-bargaining employees, management and senior administrators and all agency employees.

Employees whose terms and conditions of employment are defined by the collective agreement between Memorial University and the Faculty Association (MUNFA) are not bound by the guidelines established under this policy.


Campus Human Resources Designate - senior administrator at each campus who has authority in certain human resources policy decisions.  This policy Authority assigns, in writing, the Campus Human Resrouces Designate.

Unit Head - includes Dean, Director and other senior administrators at a comparable level or above, including the President, Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents.


On the recommendation of the Unit Head, and with the approval of the Campus Human Resources Designate, Leave Without Pay, where operational requirements permit, may be granted for a period of up to six months. Requests for Leave Without Pay exceeding six months for medical or educational reasons, or other special circumstances, will be given consideration upon application to the Director of Human Resources.

The criteria to be considered in granting any leave without pay include, but are not limited to:

  • employee's length of service, period of leave requested, reason for the leave
  • whether a replacement is required
  • whether a replacement is available
  • cost-benefit to the University
  • benefits to the employee
  • professional development opportunity
  • operational requirements

An employee's request for Leave Without Pay will not be granted where the purpose of the leave is to pursue alternative employment, operate a private business or engage in any activity which contradicts the spirit and/or intent of this policy.  

It is the responsibility of the Unit Head or delegate to review all requests for Leave Without Pay to ensure that they fall within the policy guidelines before submissions are made to the Department of Human Resources.

The Department of Human Resources reports approved leaves in the monthly Personnel Report.

Secondment Leave
Requests by external organizations for the secondment of a University employee will be given consideration upon application to the Board of Regents. 

Benefits Coverage
During a leave of absence without pay for a period of less than one month, the employee must maintain coverage of the University's benefit plan. For periods of one month or more, coverage is optional. In this case, the cost for insured benefits will be paid fully by the employee. Arrangements for prepayment are to be made with the Department of Human Resources.

Workflex Program
Requests for Leave Without Pay made in accordance with the Workflex Policy will operate under the guidelines established for that policy.

There are no procedures associated with this policy.

For inquiries related to this policy:

Department of Human Resources 709-864-4628

Sponsor: Vice-President (Administration & Finance)

Category: People Resources

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Approval Date:2000-09-14, Effective Date:2000-09-14


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