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Temporary Assignment



To outline the process for requesting temporary assignments for non-academic employees and the additional compensation an employee may be entitled to in those circumstances



All unionized and non-unionized non-academic positions at Memorial University.



A temporary assignment occurs when an employee of a lower band level is required to perform the work of a higher band level in the absence of the regular incumbent for a minimum of two days.

If the employee is performing the full scope of duties of the higher band level and meets the minimum qualifications of that classification, the salary increase will normally consist of a 5% increase over the current salary rounded up to the nearest step in the new salary range, not to exceed the maximum of the scale.

If the employee is not performing the full scope of the duties of the higher band level, the salary adjustment is calculated as follows:

a. if both parties involved are in the bargaining unit, then the additional duties are classified within the existing respective bargaining unit classes and the temporary assigned employee will receive payment on the allocated salary scale for the period of assignment, OR

b. if one of the positions involved is non-bargaining, then additional remuneration of 5% on current salary is provided for the period of assignment.

When employees are temporarily assigned duties of a lower band level they will be paid at their current salary.

When an employee is required to perform overtime work outside the employee's classification, overtime shall be based on the rate applicable to such classification.



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