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Effective Date: 1995-03-01

Review Date: 2020-05-01

The President through the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications.

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To ensure the provision of professional publications consultation and services that guide Memorial in effectively communicating with the public while maintaining the university's identity.


Applies University-wide to all promotional materials. It is also applicable to any promotional material for which funding is administered by the university. Scholarly journals, technical publications, graduate theses and publications for affiliated organizations and separately incorporated entities (SIEs) are exempt from this policy except for inventory purposes.



1. The appropriate Vice-President or delegate shall authorize the publication of any and all informational, promotional and bound instructional materials emanating from his or her area.

2. The Image Services Office of the Division of Marketing and Communications should oversee the production of all promotional materials originating within the university and intended for external and/or internal distribution. All promotional materials, whether created within the university or by an outside agency, are to be sent to Image Services for approval before printing, with enough time allowed to make any necessary changes. Channeling all materials through one central office will ensure conformity to the standards expected of this university and that costs are kept to a minimum while maintaining high quality.

3. Accuracy of Information - The responsibility for verifying the accuracy of content lies with the client.

4. Services Available - Image Services has responsibility for advising on, providing branded graphic materials for, and monitoring the production of all strategic promotional materials used in the advancement of the university. Services provided in support of this responsibility can include concept creation, formatting, copyediting, designing, photography, preparing cost estimates, and creating and maintaining a web-based graphics and photography resources with content based on user needs.

5. Services Approval - Image Services reserves the right to withhold its services to any proposed project that has not been properly authorized. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain this authorization.

6. Content - The client is responsible for providing and/or approving the content elements for their project including appropriate and relevant images, graphic and text.

7. Consistency of Design - When time or other constraints make it necessary to contract an external designer, that designer will first consult with a representative of Image Services.

8. Identification - Three identification elements are required on all print promotional materials: Appropriate university logo (See Graphic Standards Manual for usage guidelines), contact information for the university as an organization, and an Image Services project code number containing the important archival information of number copies, date of publication and departmental file number. The code number is assigned when Image Services gives signoff approval of project art work.

9. Scheduling - Image Services establishes production schedules in consultation with the client, Printing Services, and with other sections within the Division of Marketing and Communications. In the event that a change in work priorities or work flow results in changes to production schedules, Image Services will advise the client and other partners as soon as possible to discuss available options.


Under Canadian law and this Memorial university policy, copies of all promotional materials plus scholarly, technical and other print publications must be deposited with the National Library of Canada, with the university library and with Image Services. The cost of these copies will be borne by the client; Printing Services will automatically forward to Image Services 10 copies of each printed piece as soon as they are available; Image Services is responsible for making product submissions to the libraries.  For publications not printed by Printing Services, it is the responsibility of the client to supply 10 copies to Image Services as soon as they are available.

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