Recognizing Previous Service for Determining Annual Vacation Entitlement

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Effective Date: 2013-04-09

Review Date: 2021-05-01

The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Human Resources

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To recognize prior service with Memorial University, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and other provincial legislated bodies, for the determination of annual vacation entitlement.


All permanent administrative staff of Memorial University including permanent sessionals, unionized and non-bargaining employees, management and senior administrators.  Academic Administrators as well as Academic Instructors and Professors are excluded from this policy.  Agency employees are also excluded where their employment is precluded by a pre-defined written contract. The following agencies are not covered by this policy: Aquarena, C-Core, Seabright, CCFI, CCMI, Botanical Gardens, Geological Association, APICS, the Pepsi Centre, MUNSU, GSU, GCSU, MISU and the Art Gallery.


When employees are appointed on a permanent basis, they may apply to have previous service recognized for determining annual vacation entitlement.

Recognizing Prior Service With Memorial
For determining vacation entitlement, the University will recognize any prior service with Memorial University where there has been continuous service in excess of six (6) months. Six (6) months service is used as a minimum because an employee is able to purchase prior service for pension purposes only if they have worked in excess of six (6) months. There will be no time limit on when this time was worked and when credit may be granted.

Recognizing Prior Service with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Prior service shall be recognized from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and with any Governmental Board, Commission or Agency created by statute or established by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Service must be continuous in excess of 6 months with no break of more than 30 days and Employees must transfer directly from the Provincial Government within this 30 day break.

For example, an employee who worked with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador from 1987-97 and immediately accepted a position with Memorial University within 30 days of termination from the government position, will have 10 years of prior service recognized for determining annual vacation entitlement.


  1. It is the responsibility of the employee of Memorial University to request that prior service be recognized for determining annual vacation entitlement. The recognition of service is not retroactive and is effective from the 1st of the month following the date the written request is received by the Department of Human Resources.
  2. The employee must provide reasonable proof of years of prior service. For example, the employee might provide pension contribution statements, an official letter from the organization with whom the employee was employed, or some other reasonable information.
  3. The number of years and months of service to be counted when determining service for vacation purposes is rounded to the number of years and months. For example, if the employee has five (5) years, six (6) months, and twelve (12) days of prior service, the employee will receive credit for five years and six months. Two thirds of (1) one month will be rounded to one (1) month.
  4. Prior service with any private sector employer and/or federal government agency is not recognized under this policy for the determination of Vacation Entitlement.
  5. Prior service recognized for determining vacation entitlement is not recognized as service for severance or redundancy payment. The employee is required to sign the Request and Waiver form with his/her request.
  6. Prior part time service (being defined as more than 20 hours per week) is recognized in the same manner as full time prior service.


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