Approval Date: 2010-03-25

Effective Date: 2015-03-10

Review Date: 2017-05-01

Vice-President (Administration and Finance)

Off Campus Use of Equipment


To provide control over the use of university equipment and supplies while off campus for University approved activities.

To protect the integrity of the University's insurance policies as described in Insurance Coverage - Property and Liability. Insurance on equipment not covered by this policy may be arranged by calling the Office of the Chief Risk Officer.

To ensure faculty/staff are aware of their responsibility for losses of equipment due to theft or damage while in their possession.

To ensure that equipment and supplies purchased with the GST rebate are being used in support of the educational purposes of the University.


Applicable University-wide for all University–owned equipment taken off campus for University approved purposes regardless of the source of funding for the purchase of the equipment.


Equipment or supplies purchased by the University are not to be used for private purposes or for the production of private work.

This policy does not preclude the production of material for University sponsored organizations.

Equipment may be used off campus for teaching, field trips, research or other University purposes, subject to approval as outlined in the Procedure for Off Campus Use of Equipment. To ensure the equipment is accounted for and insured, the Department of Financial and Administrative Services must be notified prior to the equipment being taken off campus.

While equipment is located off campus, it is assumed to be under the care and control of the person using it. Since the equipment is being used in connection with University sponsored off campus activities, University insurance policies and procedures apply.

Loss of or damage to University equipment during travel must be reported to the Unit Head.  Any claims should be made by the employee in consultation with the Unit Head and the Office of the Chief Risk Officer.

Insurance for Equipment Taken off campus

Individuals should indicate on the Authorization for the Off-Campus Use of Equipment form whether or not their home owner’s policy will cover the equipment for damages or loss. In instances where the employee's policy will provide coverage the individual should consent for the University to make a claim against the policy for damages. All other costs will be at the expense of the departmental budget.

In instances where the individual's policy does not provide coverage, the Department should be aware that their departmental budget will be responsible for all replacement and/or repair costs that do not exceed the University deductible.

Refer to the policy on Insurance Coverage - Property and Liability.


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