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December 2010

Policy Consulatation:
The Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities Policy (revision) is open for consultation until December 21, 2010. For details, refer to Policy Status on the left menu.

Board of Regents Adopts New Policy:
The University has been governed by the University-wide Sexual Harassment Procedures in addressing concerns and complaints regarding Sexual Harassment. The current version of that document dates to 2001. Until now, there has not been a formal parent policy for these procedures which represents a serious gap in the University's Policy collection.

At its meeting on December 9, 2010, the Board of Regents approved the Sexual Harassment Polilcy which comes into effect immediately and can be viewed on the left menu bar under Policy Status. The University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment Concerns and Complaints is a companion document to the Policy and is also effective immediately. The Associated Implementation Plans, for the Policy, are also being executed.

Policy Oversight Committee
Recently the Policy Oversight Committee approved Policy Proposals as follows:

  • Purchasing (revision)
  • Health and Safety (revision) - formerly Safety Standards