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June 2010

Policy Framework Review Presentation

On the morning of Tuesday, June 1, Donna Ball, Senior Policy Analyst, delivered a presentation to members of the University community on the University's Policy Framework Review Process; that is, the process for implementing new or revised policies and their related procedures. Information related to this Framework Process can be found under the Policy Toolkit feature on the left menu bar.

Of particular importance to those in attendance, were the new and existing policies which are located under the Browse Policies feature on the left menu bar. Ms. Ball highlighted changes to select policies, specifically, those policies which were recently adopted by the Board of Regents.

In summary, and based on the dialogue it generated, the Presentation appeared to be well-received. It was also an opportunity to help employees feel more comfortable referencing policy information and realize the importance that a collaborative effort can have with respect to the overall success of the Policy Framework Process.