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April 2010

Policy Workshop - Department of Human Resources

On the morning of Wednesday, April 14, Donna Ball, Senior Policy Analyst, delivered a workshop on Policy writing and the University's Policy Framework Process to Managers and Advisors of the Department of Human Resources.

Ms. Ball reviewed select policies which had successfully followed the Framework Process and provided detail relative to the various stages of policy development.

Mr. Mike Fowler, Acting Director of Human Resources, thanked Ms. Ball for a very informative session which would be helpful as the Department begins work on employment-related policies. He also expressed gratitude for Ms. Ball's willingness to be available for consultation.

Policy Oversight Committee Update

At its meeting on Monday, April 19, the Policy Oversight Commitee approved the proposal for Externally Funded Career Awards (revision). This Policy is now in the research, writing, and consultation stage. As well, the Information Request Policy (new) will be brought forward for approval at the May 13, 2010 meeting of the Board of Regents.