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December 2009

Policy Proposals

At its meeting on November 26, the Policy Oversight Committee approved proposals for revisions to two policies:


Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities

These policies now move to the Draft Approval phase where research, writing and consultation will occur.

Policy Consultations

In early December, consultation opened for a new policy - Electronic Data Security, which is being developed to complement policies such as Privacy, Data Removal and Security of Confidential Information Housed in Administrative Systems. Consultation will continue until January 15, 2010. The details can be found at Status of Policy Development. Comments and feedback should be directed to Albert Norman of Computing and Communications, at or 709-737-3992.

Proposed Revisions to Related procedures of the Alcohol Policy

Proposed revisions to the related procedures for the Alcohol policy were received in November. These are designed to provide greater guidance in mitigation of risk for events involving alcohol. In accordance with the Procedures Framework process, the Procedures Advisory Group met on November 24 to consider the proposals and provided feedback to the Policy sponsors, the Dean of Student Affairs and Services.