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December 2009

Newly Approved Policy Proposals

At a meeting held on October 15, the Policy Oversight Committee approved the following Policy Proposal:

  • Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

At a meeting held on November 26, the Policy Oversight Committee approved the following Policy Proposals:

  • Smoking - Revision
  • Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities - Revision

Policy Consultation Status

Two open forums for consultation were held on the St. John's campus on Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 11 for the following Policy:

  • Electronic Data Security - Proposed New Policy (which complements existing policies such as the Privacy Policy, Data Removal Policy and Security of Confidential Information Housed in Administrative Systems).

onsultation will continue until January 15, 2010. Feedback is welcome and can be provided to Albert Norman, Department of Computing and Communications:

As of October 26, 2009, consultation was closed and final drafting is ongoing for the the following Policies:

  • Information Technology Projects Approval (revision) - formerly titled Computer Systems Development Approval Policy (revision). At its meeting on November 26, the Policy Oversight Committee deferred approval, pending further discussion.
  • Travel General (revision) - still in consultation due to an extensive amount of feedback.

Status of Other Existing Policies in Development

New Policies:

  • Off Campus Safety
  • Contract Administration
  • Violence - currently postponed pending development of a Behavioural Incident Protocol.
  • Information Requests
  • Sexual Harassment

Revisions to Existing Policies:

  • Workflex Program
  • Publications
  • Visual Identity
  • Records Management

Procedures Advisory Group Update

The mandate of the Procedures Advisory Group is to ensure that, once polices receive approval by the Board of Regents, that the gudelines and procedures are properly integrated. Relative to the Alcohol Policy which is currently in the final approval stage, the Group met on November 24 and provided excellent feedback.

Review on the Policy Framework Process, May 6, 2009

In May 6, 2009, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Eddy Campbell, commissioned Mr. Bruce Gorman, Internal Consultant, to conduct a review of the University's Policy Framework Process. Mr. Gorman's report was received on October 23 and will be reviewed by Senior Executive and the Policy Oversight Committee prior to approval by the Board of Regents.