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November 2009

Framework Review Report received

The Report of the Policy Framework Review, conducted by Bruce Gorman between June and September, was received by the President on October 23. It contains a set of recommendations for improvements to the policy development process. These will be discussed with members of the senior executive and an action plan will be developed and posted to the policy website.

Policy Consultation

Policy consultation is closed for the Information Technology Project Approval policy and the Travel - General policy. Policy drafting is being finalized for the Information Technology Project Approval policy for submission to the Senior Executive for approval. Meanwhile, extensive feedback was received from the Travel - General policy consultation which is still being reviewed and considered.

Results of annual review of policies

The annual review of policies, through the policy sponsors was conducted bewteen June and August. There were 62 policies slated for review this year. Of those, 22 have been identified as needing revision. This large number is reflective of there not having been a policy framework in place for many years requiring that policies be kept current. A prioritization will be needed for the 22 policies.

Update from Policy Oversight Committee

At its meeting on October 15, the Policy Oversight Committee approved a Proposal for Revisions to the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy