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February 2009

Two policies close to final approval

The Alcohol policy and the Conflict of Interest (Guidelines) which will be converted to a policy have moved one step closer to final approval and are expected to receive Board of Regents approval at its March meeting.

Requirements Definition Report for Procedures Enhancements

The policy database users group submitted its requirements definition report on time to the senior adminstration on February 12. The report outlines a project plan to enhance the policy database (at including:

  • rewritten search feature allowing search of both policy and procedures
  • browsing of procedures
  • printing of procedures, separate from policy
  • links of procedures to parent policies
  • "My Favourites" feature
  • version control for procedures, separate from policy

With approval by the senior administration, the project should begin in March with a Spring completion date.

Staff Changes

The Office of the Board of Regents is pleased to welcome Paula Baggs to its policy office as Intermediate Secretary. Paula joins the office on February 26 and can be reached at 737-3289 and

Many thanks to Rosalind Stoyles who has been helping out over the past few months. The Policy Office is located in ER-6034/6035.