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December 2008

Board of Regents Approves Two Policy Sets

At its meeting on December 11, the Board of Regents approved two policy packages. The first contains a new policy titled Donor Prospect Clearance, which allows for a coordinated approach, through Alumni Affairs and Development, to the University's relationship with donor prospects.

The second policy package included three policies relating to travel associated with recruitment of new employees:

Travel - Pre-Employment Interview

Travel - Famialization Visit

Travel - Removal and Relocation

These three replace the former Travel - Prospective Employee Interview and Household Removal and Relocation and are intended to give greater flexibility to deans and directors, in this highly competitive climate.

All policies approved at the December 11 meeting have been posted to the University's policy website at and come into effect immediately. The associated Implementation and Communications plans will be executed in the coming months.

Other Board Policy Work

At its meeting on November 25, the Policy Oversight Committee of the Board approved two Proposals for policy development:

Computer Systems Development Approval process (revision)

Travel - General (revision)

These have moved into the reserach and consultation phase of the policy framework process.

Senior Executive Committee Adopts Procedures Framework for Memorial

When the Board of Regents adopted the Development, Approval and Administration of University Policies in September 2007, it made a deliberate separation of the authority of policy from the authority for procedures - the former resting with the Board and the latter with the University. More specfically, the statement regarding procedures approval states that changes can be made by the sponsor (of the related policy) with the approval of the sponsor's supervisor. Through a consultation process conducted in the Spring of this year, it was agreed that a formal mechanism be established for changes to procedures. On December 9, the Senior Executive Committee agreed to a procedures framework for the University as well as enhancements to the policy database with additional features which focus on the procedures.

The policy database users group has been resurrected to provide input on the requirements definition for these enhancements and has begun work this month.

The details of the procedures framework will be communicated to the University community early in the new year.