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June 2008

Draft Privacy Policy readies for consultation

Over the past several months a working group has been developing a Privacy Policy for the University. This is in response to the enactment of the various pieces of privacy legislation at both the provincial and federal levels. The draft document is ready for consultation and presentations are planned for many groups over the coming weeks. Feedback will be received until July 18, 2008, with a plan to bring the policy forward to the Board for approval at its September meeting. Further information is available at the Policy consultation website.

Review of Household Removal Guidelines expands

Earlier this year, the Department of Financial and Administrative services invited feedback on proposed changes to the Household Removal and Relocation Guidelines. Based on that feedback it was decided not to put the changes forward at this time, but rather to continue studying the issue. The working group conducting the research has decided to expand the review to include all travel policies that relate to recruitment of new employees. This review is in light of the substantially more competitive market the University is facing in recruiting to fill both faculty and staff positions. work will continue through the next couple of months before the documents will be ready for consultation.

Policy Proposals approved

At its May 20, 2008 meeting the Policy Oversight Committee approved proposals to revise the Space Planning and Administration policy and to develop a new policy for Group Travel.