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May 2008

New policy website goes live

May 2 saw the launch of the new policy website at . This site contains the new policy database, the monthly policy news feature, status of policy development reports, the policy toolkit and policy-related governing documents.

On April 25 two open University sessions were held to showcase the website and in particular to demonstrate the new database. Both were well received sessions. Features of the new policy website include a standard format for all policy statements, Browse capability (by category, alphabetically, and by approval date), Search capability with free text and a search index, rollover defintions of many terms, etc. Almost fifty policies have been transitioned to the new site and links have been provided on the Home page to the policies that have not been converted yet.

As well, on-going discussions are being held with web managers in units which have previously managed policy and procedures webpages in an effort to have a consistent approach to accessing University policy from all webpages.

Senior Executive approves guiding principles

Ea rlier this year, the Senior Executive Committee approved set of principles to guide policy formulation and administration. These are:


  1. All non-academic University policy requires the approval of the Board of Regents.
  2. Policy development, approval and administration must follow the Policy Framework Process.
  3. All policy and procedure will use a common format and style.
  4. Every policy will have a sponsor.
  5. The on-line version of policy and procedure will be the official version and there will be only one on-line version.
  6. All procedures will have an associated parent policy.

Approved on February 25, 2008