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April 2008

Board of Regents approves policies

At its meeting on March 25, the Board of Regents approved two new policies - Controlled Goods and Supporting and Accommodating Breastfeeding. Controlled Goods policy is effective April 1, 2008 while the Breastfeeding policy will come into effect on June 1. The Breastfeeding policy is being lauded as the first pan-university breastfeeding policy among Canadian universities.

As well, at its March meeting, the Board approved changes to Regulation 1.3 Tuition and Related Fees for undergraduate students and introduced a new regulation 1.8 Appeals of Fees and Charges regulations, which allows for formal appeal for tuition refund by students who experience circumstances beyond their control during the semester and are required to withdraw from their course(s). A Tuition Refund Appeals Committee will be established to hear students appeals.

These are the first policies to have formally passed through the University's new Policy Framework Process.

Policy Database project nearing completion

The policy database project team is busy putting the final touches on the new system and began testing during the week of April 7. Almost half of all policy documents have been converted to the new standard format. The go-live date has been pushed out a little, as valuable time was lost in the last weeks of March with late-Winter / early-Spring storms. A demonstration session open to the entire University community will take place in late-April with announcements to come.

Once the database goes live, units who have webpages that link to the main policy and procedures page will need to update those pages. An information session was held on March 26 to discuss ideas for redesign of such webpages - incorporating both and distinguishing between University policy and local (or departmental) policy.