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February 2008

Policy Document Conversion
Good progress is being made on the conversion of more than 100 policies into the new standard format with the "unmingling" of policy from procedure. All members have been named to the team and have been trained in writing policies and procedures, writing for the web, writing with inclusive language, developing indexes and search terms, etc.
The project is on schedule for completion in mid-March. Besides creating a searchable database of all non-academic policies and procedures, there are at least two other valuable outcomes from this project. There will be a decentralized body of policy knowledge created across the University and all policies will have had a preliminary review.
This project is about reformatting, not rewriting or revising. But in reformatting the policies, the team members are discovering policies which are out of date or inconsistent with current practice or contradict other policies that were developed or revised since the original one was written. The team members are documenting these issues so that unit heads can plan for their review and rewrite.
Janet O'Keefe Computing and Communications
Gennie Howell Facilities Management
Brenda Young Enterprise Risk Management
Helen Kelly Marketing and Communications
Rojean Williams Alumni Affairs and Development
Joan Atkinson Office of the Vice-President (Research)
Ruth North Student Affairs and Services
Lisa Curran Office of the Vice-President (Academic)
Candice Walsh Financial and Administrative Services
Kathy Hogan Human Resources
Rohan Sooklal Technical Lead
David Cantwell Development Resource
Michael O'Brien Development Resource
Donna Ball Project Manager