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January 2008

Board Chair appoints members
The Board of Regents' newest committee will hold its inaugural meeting on January 22. The Policy Oversight Committee was formed in September 2007 at the same time that the Board approved the "Policy on Policies".
Committee members are:
  • Tony Roche, Chair
  • James Igloliorte
  • Meghan Mitchell
  • Eleanor Swanson
  • Sherina Wall
  • Dr. Campbell
  • Donna Ball
At the meeting they will vet Proposals of a number of policies, which will move those policies into the Research and Consultation phase.
Policy Database Conversion takes off
In December the Policy Database project was launched. Since then the group has met twice and has begun the tasks of defining the policy template, converting existing policies and developing an editorial policy for policies.
Team members are:
Janet O'Keefe Computing and Communications
Gennie Howell Facilities Management
Brenda Young Enterprise Risk Management
Helen Kelly Marketing and Communications
Rojean Williams Alumni Affairs and Development
Joan Atkinson Office of the Vice-President (Research)
Ruth North Student Affairs and Services
Lisa Curran Office of the Vice-President (Academic)
TBA Financial and Administrative Services
Kathy Hogan Human Resources
Rohan Sooklal Technical Lead
David Cantwell Development Resource
Donna Ball Project Manager
Donna L. Ball
Senior Policy Analyst