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December 2007

If you would like to provide input on the writing/rewriting of any policies in the "Research and Consultation" stage, you may contact the Policy Writer directly. Policies at other stages are not open for consultation or feedback at this time.
Policy Title New or Revision Policy Writer
Stage of Development
Use of Alcohol Revision Christine Burke
Supporting and Accommodating Breastfeeding New Dr. Doreen Neville
Draft Approval
Intellectual Property New Dick Ellis Research and Consultation
Information Access and Privacy Protection New Rosemary Smith Concept
Space Planning and Administration Revision Dr. Doreen Neville /Darrell Miles Concept
Telecommunications Revision Rod Campbell Concept
Student Group Travel New David Head Concept
Household Removal and Relocation Revision Gary Pike Research and Consultation
Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) New Greg French
Approved October 2007
Development, Approval and Administration of University Policies New Donna Ball Approved September 2007
Tuition Refund Revised Donna Ball Concept
Controlled Goods New David Miller Concept