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Competition launched for Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence

Forwarded on behalf of the Grants Coordinators, Office of Research Services. Please forward to interested faculty and/or students within your unit and post.

To interested researchers, please note:
1) Office of Research Services internal deadline for Comprehensive Review for this competition is: noon, 10 working days before the sponsor deadline.
2) Office of Research Services internal deadline for mandatory Institutional Review for this competition is: noon, 3 working days before the sponsor deadline.
3) When submitting an application for Institutional Review, be sure to include the appropriate Approval Form from your Department/Faculty with the application.
4) Please notify a Grants Coordinator at the Office of Research Services of your intent to apply to the upcoming competition.

Contact for Faculty of Medicine, Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, HKR, and Grenfell Campus is Vicki Gill, , 709-864-3045.
Contact for Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, and Marine Institute is Jessica McLachlan, , 709-864-3805.
Contact for Faculty of Science, Business Administration, Education, School of Music, and the Labrador Institute is Jillian Westcott, , 709-864-4745.

Further details on processes for institutional review and approval are available at

2014 Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence Competition

When businesses face challenges that are shared with other companies in their sector and can be addressed through research and collaboration, a Business-Led Network of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) can help address and overcome these challenges. The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Secretariat invites private-sector consortia to apply for funding through the 2014 BL-NCE Competition. This innovative federal program helps businesses draw on the talents of top researchers to solve problems common to their industry sector.

BL-Networks increase business value and/or private sector competitive advantage. They are business-driven with a research program directed and managed by private sector members. They address key performance issues of their sector and enable businesses to develop, share and benefit from innovative solutions through collaboration and pooled resources across the private and public sector. The open nature of a BL-Network draws membership from large companies, small and medium enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, academia and government, while speeding the delivery of research results, expanding the scope of potential solutions and minimizing barriers to commercialization.

The application process for the 2014 BL-NCE Competition consists of three stages: a Notification of Intent, a Letter of Intent, and a Full Application. Each stage is mandatory. The Notification of Intent submission deadline is February 15, 2013.

The BL-NCE program is part of the NCE suite of programs. For more information about the 2014 BL-NCE Competition, please visit, or contact Renée Leduc, NCE Program Officer at or 613-996-9825.