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2014 LEADHER competition - funded initiatives involving sub-Saharan African institutions

Forwarded on behalf of the Grants Coordinators, Research Grant and Contract Services. Please forward to interested faculty and/or students within your unit and post.

To interested researchers, please note:

  1. Research Grant and Contract Services internal deadline for Comprehensive Review for this competition is: noon, 10 working days before the sponsor deadline.
  2. Research Grant and Contract Services internal deadline for Institutional Review for this competition is: noon, 3 working days before the sponsor deadline.
  3. When submitting an application for Institutional Review, be sure to include the appropriate Approval Form from your Department/Faculty with the application.
  4. Please notify a Grants Coordinator at Research Grant and Contract Services of your intent to apply to the upcoming competition.

Contact for Faculty of Medicine, Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, HKR, and Grenfell Campus is Vicki Gill,, 709-864-3045.
Contact for Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, and Marine Institute is Karen Follett,, 709-864-8252.
Contact for Faculty of Science, Business Administration, Education, School of Music, and the Labrador Institute is Tasha Harrold, , 709-864-4745.

Further details on processes for institutional review and approval are available at


The LEADHER programme aims to increase and improve South-South as well as North-South cooperation among higher education institutions in order to strengthen research capacity and research management in universities, in particular in developing countries.

What is LEADHER?

  • GRANTS of up to 10,000 Euros per project;
  • Professional development through LEARNING VISITS.

The application guidelines and the application form are available online ( LEADHER project proposals should be submitted by 31 January 2014.
The results of this 2014 competition will be announced on 17 February 2014.

Special focus
Particular emphasis will be placed on initiatives involving sub-Saharan African institutions, thus building on the IAU project about Doctoral Education in Africa (see:

Looking for a partner?
The IAU website can be used to look for partners. For Members in Good Standing, please contact Élodie Boisfer:
Again, more information on the programme is available at: