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Insight Development Grants (IDG) form now ready on the Research Portal

A new process has been established beginning this fall (September 2013) whereby Academic Units will be assuming the responsibility for institutional review and electronic submission of applications for the SSHRC Insight Development competition. Research Grant and Contract Services will no longer be completing the electronic submission for these grants, but will be supporting Academic Units in their review of applications as they may require. If you are intending on applying to this competition, please contact your Grants Facilitation Officer, Associate Dean (Research) or equivalent unit signatory to obtain information on deadlines and processes for institutional review and electronic submission for your unit.

The Insight Development Grants (IDG) form is now ready on the Research Portal. Applicants can begin working on their applications for the 2014 IDG competition.

Following feedback received from applicants and university Research Offices, SSHRC has made some significant improvements to the SSHRC CCV and the IDG application form in the Research Portal.

Some of the more visible changes include:

  • In the IDG Application form:
    • Applicants, co-applicants, and collaborators now attach their CCVs to an application by using a confirmation number;
    • Emerging scholars are limited to choosing one of the eligibility criteria, and the form will verify their eligibility status by asking for specific dates (e.g. date of PhD);
    • The instructions for the “Timelines” attachment have been improved, providing more guidance to applicants. Applicants are encouraged to use charts and graphs when providing the timelines of their research projects.

Applicants and university Research Offices are advised to review the SSHRC website for recent updates to the IDG description.

For administrators and Research Officers who are completing test or practice applications, we have created a “Test Organization”, which will help prevent these applications from congesting the portal. We ask administrators to select the organization called ZZZ-INTERNAL TESTING ENVIRONMENT.

Finally, please note that the application submission deadline is February 3 at 8 pm Eastern Time. We encourage applicants to complete their SSHRC CCV as soon as possible. Applicants should expect that creating a SSHRC CCV for the first time will require a significant time investment.

For technical questions please contact:
Tel.: 613-995-4273

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