Why Study Philosophy?

Students who study philosophy have an opportunity to investigate a subject that questions the things that everywhere else and in every other discipline are taken for granted. Our courses are designed to take you through the different answers that great philosophers have given to fundamental questions. These answers are globally influential; they are live options; and they provide the framework in which many other disciplines are pursued. From the first day onwards in our courses, you will learn by constant writing and discussion how critically to explain and to analyze the basic concepts and ideas we employ all the time without usually noticing them. It is because philosophy students know how to explain and analyze that they have such successful careers.

Yet make no mistake: philosophy is a challenging and demanding subject, in which there are no short cuts and we all need as much help as we can get. For that reason, from its earliest beginnings in ancient Greece, philosophy has been a social activity and is inseparable from debate and discussion. This is why our department makes every effort to be the kind of place where students have the opportunity for philosophical debate and discussion outside as well as inside the classroom. You will find a great deal going on. We not only offer a wide range of courses covering all the key areas of philosophy, but we also welcome and encourage you to join us in our various activities. These, for professors as well as for students, are a key part of the learning and career-enhancing experience that university offers. Are you ready for the challenge?

Interested in Majoring?

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We welcome all students, whether they wish to enroll in one class or five. Philosophy has so much to offer. If you are interested in majoring or minoring in Philosophy, let us know! Contact Dr. Seamus O’Neill (sjoneill@mun.ca), who will be happy to describe our degree programs:
• BA Honours in Philosophy
• BA Joint Honours in Philosophy
• BA with Major in Philosophy
• BA with Double Major in Philosophy
• BA with Minor in Philosophy

We also have flourishing MA and PhD programs, an active Undergraduate Society, and a warm sense of community. We look forward to meeting you!