Medieval Studies Program



A major in Medieval Studies is offered for those pursuing an undergraduate degree at Memorial. This Major may be taken as a stand-alone Major or as a joint major in conjunction with a disciplinary Major.

Medieval Studies can also be taken as a minor program of study.

Students in other faculties often take the 2000-level courses to fulfill an Humanities and Social Sciences requirement, or out of general interest.

Among the strengths of Memorial's Medieval Studies program, which began in 1992, are the excellent library holdings in our Queen Elizabeth II Library. These include an array of journals, and an original 15th century manuscript.

Also, Memorial offers study abroad opportunities. Courses offered in the English Cultural Landscape program at our campus in Harlow, England can fulfill Medieval Studies requirements.

Why study this?

The objective of this popular program is the integrated study of the historical and cultural period known also as the Middle Ages. This is defined here as the period between Antiquity and the Modern Age.

Core courses are drawn from a number of different departments. This integration of the methods and subject matter of several disciplines mirrors the pluralistic and inter-religious framework of the age.

The influence of this period on our own age is wide ranging, and studying the Middle Ages helps one to understand the historical developments in science, law, literature, art, architecture, and philosophy that, in addition to helping us to understand these fields today, are also worth studying on their own merits. Studying the Middle Ages can also shed light on the origins of particular contemporary issues concerning religion, women, and conflict with and within the Middle East.


Program Academic Advisor:

Dr. Seamus O'Neill
Department of Philosophy
Telephone: (709) 864-8332