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James A. Good Scholarship Reception 2008-09

James A Good scholarship winners

The Awards Ceremony and Reception for the The James A. Good Scholarship in Philosophy was held this year at Government House, courtesy of Lieutenant Governor John Crosbie and Mrs. Crosbie.

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The scholarship was awarded for 2008-2009 to Kyle Rees and for 2007-2008 to Steven Woodworth. The inaugural winner for 2006-2007 was Joseph Carew, who received the new and substantial award on Friday, Feb. 2nd, 2007, at a ceremony which included university and government officials, such as President Axel Meisen, and members of the Department of Philosophy.

All three award winners were present at the ceremony at Government House, which included Mary Symons, widow of James Good, along with with his family and friends. Also present were faculty and students from the Philosophy Department, members of the Crosbie family, government staff, and family and friends of the award winners.

Mr. Good was a successful investment banker and Partner at Capital Canada Limited in Toronto. He earned his B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland, an M.A. in Philosophy from Dalhousie University, and undertook doctoral studies in Philosophy at the University of Toronto where he was also a lecturer. He was Chief of Staff to the Honourable John C. Crosbie, a position he maintained across the portfolios of Justice, Transport, Finance, International Trade and Fisheries.