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Winter Colloquium 2012


Philosophy Winter Colloquium, 2011


PHILOSOPHY 4260/6000: LOCATION: C-4036 (Chemistry Bldg.), 2.00-3.30

Please note further room change: new location is C-4036


Tuesday, January 11:

Stephen Gardner “The Form of Life: Pythagorean Reflections on Modern Biology”

Tuesday, January 18:

Seamus O’Neill, ‘Bodies and Souls: Union and Separation’

Tuesday, January 25:

David Bell FRSC (Religious Studies), ‘Gregory Palamas, the Hesychast Tradition and the Sanctification of the Body’

Tuesday, February 1:

Peter Harris, ‘Aquinas: Body, Soul and the Borderline’

Tuesday, February 8:

Michelle Rebidoux (Religious Studies), ‘Deeper than Entrails is that Great Love! Between Flesh and Icon in Teresa of Avila’

Tuesday, February 15:

Suma Rajiva, ‘Embodiment and the Kantian Sublime’


Tuesday, March 1:

Christopher Martin (Faculty of Medicine): ‘Recognition and the Body’

Tuesday, March 8:

Jay Foster, ‘Salt, Water and Jade: Rigid Designation and Scientific Realism’

Tuesday, March 15:

Stephen Gardner, ‘Identity, the Body and the Self’

Tuesday, March 22:

Darren Hynes, ‘Foucault’s Philosophical History of Anatomy’

Tuesday, March 29:

Stephen Crocker, ‘Body and Gesture: Vitalism After Bergson’

Tuesday, April 5:

Peter Trnka, ‘How Does My Body Do What It Does And How Can it Do What I Know Not? Investigating Materiality with Deleuze, Irigary and Serres’


1. All colloquia will run from 2.00-3.30. (We will have to stop at 3.20 if the room is booked for another class at 3.30.) Please allow at least 30 mins. for discussion.

2. Thursdays at the same time are also reserved for the colloquium. When not already occupied, this slot can be used for visitors or extra speakers.

3. Each week’s Tuesday speaker will meet with the graduate class attached to the colloquium on the Thursday afternoon immediately following the Tuesday talk for discussion on their paper and related topics, 5.00-6.20, in Chemistry C2026. All are welcome to attend the discussion class if they wish.

4. The above schedule is likely to stand without much revision. Shifts may however be necessary in the event of illness, additions, or inclement weather. If a Tuesday lecture has to be cancelled, it will be shifted to the nearest available Thursday, 2.00-3.30.