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Winter Colloquium 2010

PHILOSOPHY 4260/6000



*ROOM CHANGE* as of January 26: new location Science 2098 2.00-3.30pm

Visiting Speaker, Thursday, January 14: Robert Piercey (University of Regina) 'Reading as a Philosophical Problem
Tuesday, January 19: Sean McGrath, ‘The Marginalization of the Image in C20th. Philosophy’
Tuesday, January 26; Darren Hynes & Bernie Wills (SWGC), Belief and Imagination
Tuesday, February 2: Seamus O’Neill, Plato and Imagination
Tuesday, February 9: Michelle Rebidoux (Religious Studies), Friendship, Imagination and the Spiral of the Messianic in the Believing Humanism of Martin Buber
Tuesday, February 16: Peter Trnka, “Reason is imagination that has become nature”
Tuesday, March 2: David Thompson, Images and Thought
Tuesday, March 9: Jeremy Citrome (English), Imagining God: the Dialectics of Power in the Later Middle Ages
Tuesday, March 16: Jennifer Lokash (English) Imagination and "The Great Secret of Morals": Aesthetics, Ethics and British Romanticism
Visiting Speaker, Thursday, March 18: Andrzej Wiercinski (University of Freiburg) "The Hermeneutics of Education: 'Bildung' as Return to Oneself."
Tuesday, March 23: Stephen Gardner, Meaning and the Possibilities of Imagination
Tuesday, March 30: Peter Harris, Imagination and the Word in Medieval Thinking
  • All colloquia will run from 2.00-3.30. (We will have to stop at 3.20 if the room is booked for another class at 3.30.)
  • The above schedule is likely to stand without much revision. Shifts may however be necessary in the event of illness, additions, or inclement weather. If a Tuesday lecture has to be cancelled, it will be shifted to the nearest available Thursday, 2.00-3.30.