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About Us:

The Jockey Club is a discussion/reading group that has been run by©2013 Malin Enström various members of the MUN Philosophy Department since the early 90's. We meet every Friday, at a downtown pub to discuss and debate a wide range of philosophical ideas, themes, schools etc. Each week, a different presenter suggests a 'reading' for us to look at for the following Friday. This could be a primary text, journal article, peer review etc. Members of the group all get a chance to read the piece before the meeting and, at the start of each session the presenter will give a brief intro/commentary about the essay, afterwhich the floor is open for discussion, usually running between 5:00 - 6:45 PM. The group is mainly composed of faculty members of the MUN philosophy department (both active and retired) and Philosophy graduate/undergraduate students, but, also members from other departments as well as a few folks from the general public. The atmosphere is academic yet also very informal and relaxed.  

Where: The Peter Easton Pub, 29 Cookstown Rd. When: Fridays, 5:00 PM.

For the current Jockey Club Paper/Presenter info please click HERE.


The Jockey Club was started by a group of Philosophy grad/undergrad students back in the early 90's and has flourished ever since. What was once a small discussion group of maybe 5-7 regular members has grown to 12-15 regulars with attendance of 25-30 people every week. Over the years as the club began growing, the logistic arrangements had to change; our sessions have been held at various bars, restaurants, seminar rooms etc. In Fall 2012, Jockey Club found its new and present home The Peter Easton Pub; we have a spacious, quiet and cozy room adjacent to the bar which perfectly fits the bill, the bar staff is friendly, serving the cheapest pints in town.