Memorial University Summer School in Philosophy (MESSP)

Every year in the Spring/Summer, the Philosophy Department organizes a meeting of MESSP -- the Memorial European Summer School in Philosophy.

We are currently launching MESSP 2017 with Dr. Julia Jansen, head of the Husserl Archives at Leuven University. This 4th annual summer school will concern Politics and the Phenomenological Tradition, and will be held in Leuven in June, 2017. For more information please see

The inaugural MESSP meeting was held at the University of Augsburg (Germany), 2014. The 2015 meeting took place at the historical University of Freiburg (Germany), and this past year's 2016 meeting was brilliantly  hosted and attended at Ignatianum College in Krakow, Poland

The goal of MESSP is to bring together young researchers in European Philosophy at Memorial, along with interested Faculty members, and European students and Faculty for joint-seminars and conferences. Approximately ten graduate students and four faculty members travel to MESSP each year. MESSP ensures that productive ties between Memorial University and European Universities are created and mainted, helping to solidify our reputation as a leading institution for the study of continental philosophy in North America.



MESSP in Freiburg


lSpecial thanks to the Memorial International Office, Prof. Uwe Voigt (Augsburg), Prof. Markus Enders (Freiburg) and Prof. Andrezej Wiercinski for helping to fund and facilitate these rich and productive events so far!