Current Jockey Club Paper

Hi all,

A great big thank you is in order to Maliheh Deyhim for leading last week's meeting; we had an excellent discussion!

This coming Friday Dec. 1st will be our final Jockey Club meeting of the term before our winter break, and we'll have a special guest speaker opening the conversation. Dr. Michael Schulz from Universität Bonn will present the introduction to Hegel's 1827 Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion. Please find the text attached in PDF form. We will meet, as always, at 4:30PM at the Peter Easton Pub. The discussion begins at 5:00PM and ends at 6:30.

After the meeting, all are invited to stay for pizza to cap off a great term!

Also, to anyone interested, please note that Dr. Schulz is in town as part of a conference on Ethics for the 21st Century, running from Nov. 29th to the 30th at Queen's College. I've attached the poster here as well.

Cheers everyone,