Philosophy of...

This series offers students the possibility of deepening their knowledge in particular areas of philosophy:

PHIL 3120 Philosophy of Language investigates various uses of language and its relationship to thought, as well as particular features of language, such as meaning, synonymy, reference, translation and interpretation.

PHIL 3150 Philosophy of the Natural Sciences examines major issues in the origins, methods and philosophical implications of science. Science as a form of knowledge; its relation to metaphysics; to more general theories of knowledge. Science and values.

PHIL 3160 Hermeneutics, Semiotics and Deconstruction introduces students to the major tradition of hermaneutics and key movements which proceeded it. 

3400 Political Philosophy examines leading philosophical ideas concerning the origin and justification of political institutions.

3500 Philosophy of Religion examines the philosophical aspects of religious belief, religious language and theology.

3600 Philosophy of the Humanities examines the expression and interpretation in the humanistic disciplines: theology, history, art and literature, language.