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Diploma in Applied Ethics


The Department of Philosophy has established a Diploma in Applied Ethics.

The program offers a basic foundation in ethics for all its students and an opportunity to specialize in specific fields.

The Diploma is currently available in three concentrations:

In future, diplomas may be developed in other areas of concentration such as educational, legal, engineering, business and media ethics.

The Diploma will develop and focus a range of skills in a unique segment of the student population:

  • writing in a theoretically sophisticated yet practical manner,
  • researching significant ethical issues and institutions,
  • building policy analyses,
  • crafting communications and liaison abilities,
  • and learning about important Newfoundland organizations.

While administered by the Philosophy Department, this Diploma program includes a number of relevant elective courses (and possibly one required course) from other departments in the Faculties of Arts and Science.

The Diploma in Applied Ethics is part of Memorial University's mandate to make a significant contribution to the larger community. Prospective students, field placement organizations and ethical professionals all indicated a clear interest in and need for such a program in the province.