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Environmental Ethics


The anchor course for this stream is Philosophy 2561, a course that explores contemporary issues relating to the environment.

By virtue of our intellegence and resource in the sciences, humans as a species are able to manipulate the materials of the natural world in ways unlike any other animal on this planet. With complex and large-scale energy production on material manufacturing, we have since the industrial revolution markedly increased the way we interfere with the natural environment on both a physical and chemical level.

By the end of the 20th century, scientists and laypersons alike became more aware of the environmental implications of our endeavors. Enviromental science and engineering receives a great deal of attention, but this discipline is still very young, and much work is demanded of it as we grapple to address the environmental problems on local and global scales.

At the heart of these problems is an ethical motivation to reflect on the way we should interact with our habitat, which is not only our home but the home of many other life forms -- as well as the future home for human generations.

The student entering this stream would likely be interested in the conduct of both policy and science relating to the elimination of behaviors that damage the integrity of the earth (both as an object in itself and as a habitat), as well as the development of science, technology and activities that can address current environmental problems.

Other SubSpecialities

Mental Health Ethics (2552 stream)

Biomedical Ethics (2553 Stream)

All of these topics will be examined with a focus on their ethical implications.